A lot of us love hearing sermons, worshipping Jesus but when it comes to reading the Bible, we slack behind. I’ve heard common reasons like “I don’t like reading much”, “I don’t have time to read, so I just pray”, “I feel sleepy”. Let me tell you, it is by knowing (understanding) the TRUTH (the word of God), that you and I can be set free from chains, bondage and every weapon that the enemy attacks us with. That is why Jesus told those who believed in Him, “If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”


Have you ever watched a shepherd calling out and leading his sheep? It is a fascinating affair. All that the shepherd does is speak a word to call out to them, and in no time, his sheep listen to him from no matter how far they are, come to him, and flock around him. It is no wonder that Jesus used the relationship between a shepherd and his sheep as a parable to explain His relationship with those who love Him and believe in Him.


How often do we find ourselves fluctuating between good and bad moods, joy and sorrow, fearlessness and being fearful, like a wave tossed back and forth, high and low? For some of us, this is a reality that we are getting used to and beginning to live with.
Yet, the word of God tells us that this is not God’s will for us. He wants us to be steadfast. Yet, how?