Quite often, you find yourself feeling fearful of an unknown future, or a broken past, or a shameful present. Today, keep your heart open – as God, who is your FATHER and who loves like a MOTHER, wants you to dive into His arms and receive His unconditional love that will wash away all your pain, rejection, shame, fear and burden. There is no place except the arms of your heavenly Father where you will be made whole.


Looking at all that has happened due to Covid-19, if you are reading this blog now – kudos to your perseverance! Who would have thought that something as small as a microorganism can be so deadly and devour so many lives? It is not only the body that the virus affects but also man’s soul (emotions and thinking). What many have lost, together with losing their many loved ones, is ‘hope’ – which is something that gives strength to individuals to cope through sorrow and distress. One finds it hard to press on forward with confidence, because of all the fatal blows he has received in life. Yet, despite turmoil and suffering, those who hope in Christ remain strong.

He Is Alive

…he revealed that through the blog he wants me to speak and to teach His children His word (Rhema). He wants to lift up the weary. And within no time, God revealed that this blog will declare the greatest news of hope through me (Just as a woman named Mary Magdalene declared it to the disciples) – HE IS ALIVE!